A close up of a rain gutter filled with fall leaves

Warm-weather lovers, groan; cold-season cravers, rejoice — whether you like it or not, fall is almost here! And while droves of autumn aficionados will break out the heavy sweaters, dive into a fresh batch of nightly television and indulge in the preferred pumpkin-flavored treat of the week, there’s most likely something they’re forgetting to take care of — their home!

As with any seasonal shift, the arrival of shorter days and frigid air will inevitably expose your home to a climate it hasn’t experienced in six months. That’s why it is so important to devise an autumn home care strategy that will ensure your living space is ready to endure another cold snap.

Autumn Home Care Checklist

1) Manage your heating/cooling systems: Unfortunately, replacing the cool whistle of your air conditioner with the warm breath of your heater isn’t as simple as flipping a switch. You must ensure that your air conditioning unit is stored away for the season. Likewise, the proper maintenance should be conducted on your furnace before running warm air through your vents; doing so may also prevent any burning smell your heating system emits at the beginning of each cold season.

2) Check your home for drafts: Once you officially turn on your furnace, you want to ensure that the optimum amount of heat stays trapped within your home. Inspect your window seams and door jams for cracks that could allow cold air through. You may also wish to examine your attic and/or crawl space to confirm that these areas are still properly insulated.

3) Clean out your gutters: Blockage caused by fallen sticks, leaves and other debris are your gutters’ biggest enemy. Remove these items to ensure that eventual autumn showers and impending snowfalls can drain properly, thus preventing potential damage to your home.

4) Devise an anti-fire strategy: Whether you heat your home with electricity, gas or even a wood-burning fireplace, replacing the batteries in all smoke/CO detectors is the first step to keeping you and your family safe from unwanted home fires and carbon monoxide threats. However, in the event that a fire does occur within your home, have up-to-date fire extinguishers and a fire escape plan in place.

5) Examine your fireplace: Fireplace-related fires account for 6% of all home fires per year. The majority of these incidents can be prevented simply by having an inspection conducted by a professional chimney cleaning service. This way, you keep your chimney free of contaminates that can ignite or force noxious air back into your home.

Keep yourself, your home and your EX Design upgrades safe this year by following this autumn home care checklist. These tips could save you money and maybe even your life.

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