6 Landscaping Trends That Add Value EX Design GroupThe outdoor living and entertaining trend is overall booming. This movement has taken off even more that technology for outdoor entertainment is improving. From motorized shades to smartphone controlled fire pits, and motion detected lighting- you can pretty much entertain outside year round. But what outdoor trends are worth the investment and can add value to your home for years to come? We pulled some of his year’s top landscaping trends to help you be more efficient and impress your guests.

6 Landscaping Trends That Add Value

1. Create a Tropical Paradise

In Texas, it’s relatively easy to create an outdoor oasis in your backyard. Fruit trees, hibiscus plants, and outdoor bars for entertaining can bring you a dose of the tropics on a Monday evening. Proper outdoor lighting plays a crucial role here by illuminating pools, plants and features such as fountains or ponds.
2. Water Features
To add to the tropical theme, water features such as waterfalls and ponds are extremely popular. Garden designers say water elements are among on of the biggest growing trends. You can start easy with a small Zen fountain or dive right in ( hopefully, not literally) with a full koi pond surrounded by water friendly plants. Fountains and sculptures also add an element of elegance and style to your yard.
3. Stylish Entries
No longer is landscaping and design only empathized in the entertaining areas. Curb appeal and entryways are becoming more modern and sophisticatedly designed. Elegant permeable pavers spaced closely enough for those in heels to walk briskly to your home add style and a welcoming element to your home. Don’t forget to add colorful plants, entryway lighting, and maybe a pop of color to your front door for that little extra something.
4. Rustic and Wooded
The earthy, rustic charm is not just a trend in weddings right now. A few favorite landscape designs include faded wood, pergolas, wings, and thoughtfully placed antiques. The worn in look is very popular in Texas; think modern farm house and the designs you see featured on in Wace, Texas Fixer Upper.
5. Garden Rooms
Gone are just the simple backyard garden areas, and enter garden rooms. Garden rooms are outdoor areas that can include even a small pool and covered dining area. Use terraces, plants, flowers, and trees to create a “room” for you to relax and entertain. While this may take a little more time and planning, it can add a lot of value and buyer appeal to your home.

Any of these landscape ideas will add value, function, and comfort to your home. Which of these do you plan to add to your backyard this year?

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