Outdoor living spaces can reduce stress, especially ones with backyard gardens and ponds. Adding an outdoor space to your home is not only functional, aesthetically pleasing and a great place to entertain, but it’s also a space to relax and decompress. No need to go on a run to get a sense of release or go to the mall to di-stress. Just hop right outside to decompress and refresh from all your worries.

We use nature as a model when creating our outdoor spaces. Nature is filled with intriguing stimuli and natural forces which help humans distress. By utilizing daylight in a functional outdoor living space we create that comfort you get from nature. Not only is it for comfort or hosting, but there is also a plethora of health benefits from having an outdoor living space.

Health Benefits of Outdoor Living Spaces:

 Stress reduction:

Getting rid of stress—at least temporarily—might be as simple as silencing the cell phone, putting away the work, and swaying in a hammock in your own backyard. Find your refuge, a place for quiet contemplation that offers an antidote to the hustle and pressure of life. It might be relaxing on an outdoor recliner tucked beneath an arbor or on a bench nestled in front of a wall of climbing roses. Listen to the gentle sounds of nature, and feel the stress melt away. Therapeutic outdoor spaces are the latest trend in healing and stress relief, but throughout history gardens and outdoor spaces have been used to aid in the healing process.

Boosting the Immune System:

Exposure to trees is said to possibly prevent asthma. Having natural surroundings results in increased immune systems. It also encourages children to play outdoors, rather than on concrete confines or always inside.

Promoting Good Vision:

Spending time outdoors is said to help your vision. It can prevent near sightedness in 6-12 year olds. Always remember to wear sunglasses though and never look directly into the sun.

Helping with ADD/ADHD:

 Interaction with constant noise and stimulation can be very distracting, demanding your attention. Having an outdoor space in a busy city or urban environment gives you a relaxing space way from it all. In children with ADHD, a 20-minute walk in a park may improve the ability to concentrate, so imagine what a serene outdoor space can provide. Green outdoor settings appear to reduce ADHD symptoms in children across a wide range of individual, residential, and case characteristics. Research confirms the value of exposure to nature for ameliorating ADHD, daily doses of “green time” might supplement medications and behavioral approaches to ADHD.

Helping Depression Symptoms:

If you are looking for an all-natural way to boost your mood, turn to nature. Spending time outdoors can help reduce the symptoms in depression. Whether you have depression or want to improve your emotional health, start finding ways to get outdoors each day. Having a natural outdoor living space at home can help make this happen every day. Listen to the sound of nature, smell freshly cut grass, dip your toes in your backyard pond or stream and relax.

The ExDesign Group can help build an outdoor living space for you that is functional, comfortable and good for your family’s health. We use turf, stones, decks, and a plethora of options to accommodate your desires. We outfit these spaces with outdoor furniture, shading, screens and enclosures. The proper combination of shading and privacy make for your perfect retreat.

Let us help you and your health with an upgraded outdoor space, customized just for you.

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