restaurant patio design It’s getting warmer outside, which means we can finally shed our winter coats and spend time enjoying the outdoors again. And one of the most popular outdoor spring and summer activities is patio dining. It’s time to prep your restaurant patio design for spring and summer and make your restaurant stand out.

More and more restaurants in Texas are adding outdoor areas as a way to maximize their use of space and create a varied atmosphere. Customers come flocking to businesses that satisfy their desire to be a part of the environment around them while enjoying your services, which is why patio happy hours are so popular!

Update Your Restaurant Patio Design With These Features


Gone are the days where a patio was simply an outdoor place, or an uncomfortable outdoor seating area — today, it is an area designed for entertaining others, able to bring value to your restaurant. Update your restaurant patio design with a few luxurious comforts to bring guests in.


Modern patios often feature amenities like exterior shades, music, TV’s, lighting, and patio climate control, all with unique and stylish designs. The best way to get the most out of your investment is to go all custom. You want your patio space to stand out and fit the theme and brand of our business.

2. Motorized Screens

Outdoor seating is a hot new trend among commercial businesses. The only problem is that “hot” can get too literal, especially in Dallas. No one wants to sit in an outdoor area when the Texas sun is making everything scorching hot and too bright. This will keep your customers inside or not I your business at all. Motorized exterior shades are an ideal fix all solution. Custom-design and custom-install shades can add visual appeal and astounding levels of functionality to your resturaant. Get usefulness from every square inch of your building by giving customers a unique outdoor experience that feels as good as it looks.

3. Motorized Exterior Shades

Motorized shades add needed functionality to your patio space. Customers stay comfortable with shades that balance the outside elements and keep out bugs and pests all year round. Protect valuable porch furniture and exterior fixtures from harmful UV rays with quality shades.

Draw Customers In with Comfort

restauran patio designEnsure that you can make the most of your outdoor spaces and eliminate common sources of discomfort with the above upgrades. Your customers will remain protected from the elements, enjoying a perfect balance of light and temperature control all year round. Privacy screens also ensure that they enjoy the outdoor scenery without any bugs, wind or unwanted sun rays.

Whether you’re in Dallas, the Fort Worth area, or nearby, we’re happy to get in touch and discuss updating your outdoor space. Contact us to learn more!

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