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AirVolution Fans


EX Design Group has partnered with Outdoor Delight to bring you AirVolution, a high volume, low speed (HVLS) fan from MacroAir. If you’re looking for an ideal solution that will greatly reduce your industrial facility’s heating and cooling expenses throughout the year, this is it! AirVolution is known for being  a highly efficient fan, able to reduce 25% or more of your HVAC expenses by pulling air from the floor to the ceiling and distributing it throughout your facility. It can make your space feel 8-10°F cooler, ensuring that your operations can run smoothly—even on the hottest days!

Learn more about specific AirVolution fans:

Model 550
Model 370
Model D3
Model 780

MacroAir AirVolutions Fans Dallas TX Ex Design Group

Pioneering Efficiency

Airvolution 550 - EX Design Group
We recommend AirVolution fans because of their top tier quality. MacroAir was the original inventor of the HVLS fan, and remains the market leader today. If you’re looking at similar fans, keep in mind—Big Ass Fans, a major competitor, was actually MacroAir’s first distributor! In a comparison test, AirVolution fans output the same power while using less energy, putting less stress on the motor and having a longer lifespan compared to similar products from Big Ass Fans.

Simply The Best Industrial Ceiling Fan

MacroAir AirVolution fans from Outdoor Delight circulate a continuous amount of air to serve nearly any industrial facility. With AirVolution fans, your facility will be Cool, Comfortable, and Cost-effective…year-round!From the design to the construction, these fans are built to perform at the highest level in the market while withstanding the toughest conditions.

Airvolution D3 - EX Design Group

Why Choose AirVolution fans from EX Design Group?

Airvolution 370 - EX Design Group
  • Easy installation
  • All models include a fantastic warranty
  • Compliance and certification from MacroAir – the industry leader!

MacroAir’s AirVolution D line of HVLS fans are powered by direct drive motor technology. These digitally enhanced motors require far less moving parts than traditional HVLS motors, run quieter and maximize efficiency at a much lower cost of operation. This line of fans is also significantly lighter than traditional gear-box driven HVLS fans and easy to install. D-series fans come with many installation and electrical options.

Tried and tested, the Legacy Series of HVLS fans from MacroAir is a great option for augmenting HVAC systems across many applications. These fans operate on traditional gear-box driven motors and come with many installation and electrical options.

MacroAir 780 fan - EX Design Group

The Smoke Test: See the Power of MacroAir fans!

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