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Artificial Turf

Turf Pricing

Artificial turf is priced per square foot. The installation price includes the total cost for base preparation, base compaction, synthetic turf installation and infill installation. Pricing for all synthetic turf installations are calculated by the total area of a space in square feet, by 15′ wide increments. Final artificial turf install price estimates are provided after onsite measurements have been completed. Budgets and rough pricing are given over the phone or by email.

How to Measure your Yard for Synthetic Turf

Image showing measure area in square feetAcquiring a general idea of your yard area in square feet can be done in 2 easy steps.

  • Step 1, measure the length and the width with a tape measure.
  • Step 2, round up to the nearest foot and simply multiply the length by the width! The total amount is your area.
  • To calculate a pricing budget, multiple your area total by the cost of the type of grass you are interested in

Turf Pricing (Prices listed are base cost, does not include tax or other installation factors).

  • 50oz , 60oz , 80oz & k9 Deluxe:
    $8-$12 per square foot, depending on your project needs
  • Augusta Putting Green:
    $18-$24 per square foot
  • PlayGround Extreme, Soccer/Baseball & Agility Turf:
    Price available upon request.

Measuring Artificial Turf for your yard w/ a pool or flowerbed.

Pool area turf measurementFor more assistance call 972.360.6490
Like many homeowners, your lawn may have large trees, a pond, pool or flowerbeds. Although this type lawn may seem tricky, measuring for artificial turf for a general area is not very complicated.

  • Step 1: Just like the example shown, separate your lawn into 90° squared or rectangular sections. Each segment should be only the areas you want the synthetic turf to be placed.
  • Step 2: Calculate each surface area rounded to the nearest foot, by determining and multiplying the length by the width of each section.
  • Step 3: Add all of the section area totals together. The sum is the synthetic turf needed to cover your space. (Good job!)
    Please note: Rough budgets & pricing can be given via email or phone to clients that have a rough calculation of how much turf they would like to have installed for their project. Pricing is given in square feet and is calculated based on the overall install.

Use our free artificial turf pricing calculator below to get an idea of what installation may cost for your Texas home or business!


Synthetic Turf Cost Calculator

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Width : Length :

*All quotes are estimates and may be subject to change based on your property's measurements.

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ProGreen™ Synthetic Turf has the largest selection in the industry. Having trouble choosing a synthetic turf, or determining how much artificial turf installation will cost? One of our ProGreen™ representatives will be happy to assist you via telephone or email!

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