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Motorized Patio Screen

Motorized Patio Shading Dallas – What Kind Are You Looking For?



Find out how much motorized patio screens cost without the hassle of a salesperson!

Get your guaranteed estimate (plus or minus 3%) from one of our project managers. To get started, simply:

1. Provide your contact information.

2. Take a front picture of the area you would like to add exterior patio shades.

3. Measure your openings, plus or minus 6.”

4. Tell us what you would like to accomplish by adding exterior patio shades. For example, sun

protection, bug, or wind protection, or all of the above.

5. If you are interested, one of our project managers will meet you at your home to go over all of your options!

About Our Motorized Patio Shading Screens:

EX Design Group offers multiple patio screen options, including motorized screens that are designed for commercial & residential applications. These can be used as roll down porch screens, insect screens, patio screens, and sun screens to keep out the heat! Customers can choose from motorized solar shades that allow year round enjoyment of their patios, porches, decks, gazebos, garages, pool houses, and more. EX Design Group offers a variety of fabrics to meet project requirements and personal preferences. 

Why install a patio shade?

  • A retractable patio screen can be easily controlled by a remote control, using an up and down switch or programmed to your home automation system.
  • We use a state of the art zipper track & phantom shade type system customized for any space.
  • Available in varying degrees of openness for your light control needs – the openness factor describes what percentage of light the material allows through. Also called opacity, this changes the character of your outdoor window shades to suit your preferences.
  • Every material we use is made with durable high quality fabric that is woven to allow air flow and view-through.
  • Screens are available in several colors to match and harmonize with your home design.
  • Motorized screens can be fashioned above a door or window, or spaced away from a door on an eave or fascia.
  • Get Bug, Sun and Wind protection, up to 50 miles an hour*

Having difficulty choosing what patio screen system works best for your project? Our exterior shade experts will not only ensure your system is set up properly for maximum enjoyment. We can also make recommendations to help you choose the best option for your home!

TerraVue 1812 -2312 Exterior Patio Shades Now Available!

You can huff, and you can puff, but you won’t blow our TerraVue exterior patio shades down. Now available at Ex Design Group, the TerraVue patio screens has all the benefits of our other shades, but with improved wind resistance capability. These shades are designed for areas in Texas where the winds can be very strong and gusty.

Sustains winds up to *50 miles an hour while being in the down position

• Can cover openings up to 25 wide by 12 tall*

• Offers excellent patio heat containment during winter months

Residential Motorized Exterior Shades

Patios, porches, decks, gazebos, garages, pool houses, and more—our motorized exterior screens provide the best solution for extending the useful months of your home’s exterior. Professional design staff works with you to create the perfect blend of style and function precisely measured to your home’s unique architecture. Enjoy cooler weather at the press of a button with motorized screens that can start or stop at any height to give you the ultimate control over your outdoor ambience. These screens also shut out bugs and add privacy with shades you can see out of but not into.

EX Design Group’s residential motorized exterior shades can do much more than just cutting down on the sunlight and heat. They are weather resistant to reduce incoming rain and snow while staying safe in their sturdy metal housing. The shade also prevents UV rays from damaging porch furniture, decor, and outdoor fixtures that often fade, crack and peel under the harsh Texas sunlight.

The Top Benefits of Dallas Fort Worth Residential Motorized Shades:

  • Keep out insects and pests
  • Enjoy added privacy
  • Retractable exterior screens keep the breezes flowing with permeable design
  • Protect porch furniture
  • Custom installation with every job for a seamless fit
  • Design consultation to blend with your home’s style
  • Custom shade opacities for different levels of sunlight
  • Different shade colors to give your home the perfect look
  • Installation protected by warranty for up to a year after install date
  • Limited warranty for up to 5 years




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