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Lighting Design

dallas fort worth lighting designTransform your home or business with professional lighting design from the experts at EX Design Group. Every property and business owner has different needs, and we can help you through each step of the process—from planning and design to lighting choices and installation.

Whether you have an idea of what you’d like to do or are looking for recommendations and consultation, we make use of the latest advances in lighting technology and placement to ensure your space will look amazing.

The Role of a Lighting Designer

Lighting design is the secret ingredient that can transform any environment from so-so to spectacular, average to awesome, mundane to magnificent. Illumination can establish and affect the mood of a room, induce elegance, create drama or lend a simple air of comfort. A seasoned lighting designer evaluates the space, desired use, preferences, needs, sensibilities, personalities and brand to craft a personalized illumination system to achieve the desired results. The influence of a skilled lighting designer is instrumental to shaping a pleasant, comfortable interior atmosphere in new construction as well as renovation and preservation efforts. The EX Design Group’s approachability and skills to walk each client through the process is unrivaled in the Dallas – Fort Worth region.

Latest Technologies in Dallas Fort Worth Lighting Design:

 Lighting design experts must understand advancing technology as much as lighting and light characteristics. For example, LEDs are constantly evolving, and the professional lighting designer keeps up with all the current technological advancements and latest trends. LEDs are harder to dim compared to incandescent bulbs, so lighting controls become as important as the light bulbs themselves. EX Design Group’s lighting designers study and gauge technological needs and constraints, as well as flexibility, aesthetics and client requirements into every project. The company’s owner, Victor Menendez, has extensive knowledge of and experience in the field of lighting design, much of it from nearly a decade with Lutron, a leader in lighting controls design and innovation. His background includes working with top lighting designers from around the globe, and he understands well the best approaches to lighting designs. Standard lighting design best practices dictate that natural daylight is the foremost concern, and from there his team considers the layers of artificial lighting needed to meet the client’s goals and objectives.

EX Design Group performs all lighting design projects in-house with a highly-skilled, complementary team of professionals. Not only does EX Design maintain control of every lighting project, but each design component is never offloaded or influenced by outside reps. This assures the best possible lighting design solutions to meet your needs, specifications and budget.

Advantages of Teaming with EX Design Groupdallas fort worth lighting design

EX Design Group’s lighting designers and team members work with every client from beginning to end to define function and specifications, craft a comprehensive lighting design for the space, select the best products to achieve the use and aesthetical appeal, and guide professional installation. A sophisticated illumination system can be both elegant and timeless while serving its desired purpose. Advantages of working with EX Design Group in Dallas include:

  •  Vast experience in commercial and residential lighting systems
  •  No lighting project too big or too small
  •  Expert in integrated light controls and automated systems
  •  Strong relationships with manufacturers
  •  Knowledge of best products in lighting
  • Hourly fee or flat project price
  •  CAD drawings and schematics
  •  Budget assistance for materials and labor
  • Access to high-quality products not found in retail markets
  • Contracts with best electricians and installation professionals
  • 3D intelligent lighting design
  • Whole home control systems
  • Energy efficiency focus
  • Open communications every step of the way

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