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Lutron Lighting & Shading

Dallas Lutron Lighting Controls

Explore lighting control systems by Lutron® for a truly integrated solution that lets your home achieve unparalleled levels of ambience while helping you save energy. Lutron offers some of the most comprehensive home lighting solutions on the market, allowing users to integrate the system within structured wiring or “smart home” interfaces in order to craft a suite of home controls. Dim the lights, close the shades and queue up some music all with your smartphone or mobile device.

For one-room, lightweight projects, Lutron provides plates, switches, dimmers, wiring systems and more in order to deliver exactly the level of service you need. Together with Lutron and EX Design, you can customize your entire home or just a single room and make your dream home features a reality.

Let EX Design Be Your Lutron Lighting Control System Experts

We at EX Design go above and beyond to accommodate the needs of our clients no matter their level of expertise or involvement. Our knowledgeable design and installation team can implement Lutron lighting systems in any room or area of your house, and we can take the time to integrate these lighting systems within other interfaces like motorized shading or A/V according to your wishes.

Consultation and installation services can provide homeowners, designers, architects, builders or trade workers support the expertise they need to envision the perfect Lutron lighting implementation and realize the project from start to finish, including programming setup for your Lutron lighting control system. EX Design is certified for sales and installations Homeworks QS and RA2 QS lighting control systems.

Additionally, we offer DIY support for homeowners who want to take advantage of the benefits of Lutron lighting controls while saving money by cutting out the middleman. However, we highly recommend that all electrical work be done by a licensed electrician. Even so, some Lutron installations like dimmer switches can be done safely using Lutron’s helpful online installation videos.

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Lutron Lighting System, Installation, Service and Expertise That No One Can Match

EX Design has perhaps the best knowledge of Lutron lighting and home integration systems compared to any other architectural supplier in the Dallas, TX area. In fact, our owner Victor was once an employee of Lutron. He spent 8 years working for the company in various capacities from extensive commercial projects all the way down to installing a single dimmer solution for a homeowner. As such, he has become intimately familiar with the brand’s offerings, product catalog and installation procedures.

While working for Lutron, Victor happened to notice one flaw with the company’s approach: the process of selecting and ordering the right product or system solution was overwhelmingly complex, especially for the average homeowner. This problem was no surprise, either, considering that Lutron has over 10,000 individual products and are always adding more with their drive towards constant innovation. Since he loved the quality and forward-thinking design of the brand, he decided to form EX Design and bridge the gap between homeowners, commercial building owners, architects and high-quality systems suppliers like Lutron.

EX Design strives to simplify the the process of selecting and purchasing the right Lutron controls systems for your unique needs. We help homeowners or commercial tradesmen assess their needs and then narrow down their options to ultimately settle on the perfect Lutron lighting system solution.

Nowhere else can you find this level of service. The only other companies on the market who are capable of supplying Lutron Lighting Control systems tend to be the top level of high-end AV companies. Even then, their knowledge of Lutron lighting control products can be shallow at best. As lighting controls have advanced, their increasingly-complicated nature became hard to grasp for the layperson. Sophisticated features like LED lighting can even confound an experienced electrical contractor. With EX Design as their guide, anyone can learn how to install, program and operate their Lutron home lighting system with ease.

We also aim to help homeowners and project managers reduce their costs. Despite Lutron’s position as one of the highest-tier home integration solution vendors on the market, their products can help homeowners and tradesmen save on their project with the help of experts like EX Design. In some cases, we can save our customers 40% on the systems they purchase while finding ways to increase their functionality at the same time. After all, using multiple panels and controls has become “old school” in this day and age of home system integration and mobile app interfaces.

So go with the company that knows the most about Lutron, including how to reduce their systems’ purchasing costs and optimizing their installation to streamline functionality to one control source. With EX Design and Lutron, your home can truly become a home of the future.

How to Get Started Buying Lutron lighting control solutions

EX Design would love to be your consultants, suppliers and perhaps even installers for your own, personal Lutron lighting control system!

If you are a homeowner looking to install a Lutron lighting control system, to start we will need your professional home plans that we can use to build an estimate. Once we receive your plans, we will schedule a conference call between you and our professional designer to determine which Lutron lighting control system would work best for you.

If you are an architect or designer, we can help you incorporate a Lutron lighting control system into your professional drawings. EX Design stands out as one of the few expert Lutron lighting system designers, suppliers and installers. We work closely with professional tradesmen to get them the perfect products and systems they need to truly wow their clients.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to fill out the contact form or give us a call at 214.293.4909 – we’re happy to help you with your project!

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