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Lutron Lighting & Shading

Dallas Lutron Shading Solutions

Motorized Shading Solutions by Lutron® are convenient, beautiful, and affordable products that add dynamic new levels of functionality to your home. With Lutron’s remote shading system, you can add or subtract natural daylight at the touch of a button.

Some models even allow you to integrate the shading system within your home’s structured wiring to create a full suite of controls that include shading, lighting, audio/video and more. Lutron is also pushing forward to the future by adding mobile app control functionality to their latest models.

EX Design Group: Your Lutron Shading Experts

Home with Dallas lutron shading by EX Design Group

Our consultation and installation services can provide home designers, architects, builders, or trade support that can include installation, system integration or programming setup for your Lutron Shading System.

Additionally, we offer DIY support for homeowners who want to take advantage of the benefits of Lutron shades while saving money by cutting out the middleman.



Why Choose Us?

Nowhere else can you find the level of knowledge that we have at EX Design when it comes to Lutron Shades. Our owner Victor Menendez was a former employee of Lutron and is intimately familiar with the brand’s offerings, product catalog, and installation procedures.

Because Lutron has over 10,000 individual products and is always adding more with their constant innovation, deciding what to get can be a daunting task. EX Design Group remedies this problem by making the process of selecting and purchasing the right Lutron shades for your unique needs simple and intuitive. The only other companies on the market who can even offer Lutron Motorized Window Treatments are the top level of high-end AV companies. Even then, their knowledge of Lutron Motorized Shading products cannot compare!

How to Get Started Buying Lutron Motorized Shading Solutions:

We would love to be your advisors and providers for your own, personal Lutron motorized shading system!

If you are a homeowner looking to install a Lutron shading,  we will need your professional home plans that we can use to build an estimate. Once we receive your plans, we will schedule a conference call between you and our designer to determine what window treatment would work best for you.

If you are a professional architect or designer, we can provide you with the technical details necessary to implement a smart shading system for your building or home that includes Lutron® window treatments.


Interested in installing the shades on your own? Check out our DIY page for more information!

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to fill out the contact form or give us a call at 214.293.4909 – we’re happy to help you with your project!

Gallery of Lutron Shading Systems By EX Design Group

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