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Louvered Roof Patios

Life Rooms

Be the envy of your neighbors with a space that is not an outdoor space, not just an indoor space but offers the best of both worlds and more.

If you are ready to take comfort and relaxation to the next level in your home, look no further. Ex Design Group is proud to be the local retailer of Life Rooms by Four Seasons. More than an indoor space, more than an outdoors space, Liferoom offers the best of both worlds and beyond. If you are ready for a total mind-body experience than you are ready for Ex Design to build a custom Liferoom, just for you.

Completely unique, totally custom designed and absolutely technologically advanced, Liferoom makes all other three season or custom patio rooms look primitive in comparison. With cooling systems, retractable screens, louvered ceilings, and serene lighting options a custom Liferoom will be your new favorite oasis in your home. Relax, entertain and enjoy.


Look at what Liferoom can offer your home in terms of functionality and beauty. Call or schedule your free consultation today.


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