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Louvered Roof Patios

Dallas Commercial Louvered Roof Systems

If you’re a business wanting to get the most out of your outdoor space, a commercial louvered roof from Ex Design Group offers one of the most cost effective methods for providing a space that everyone will absolutely love. Much like our residential louvered roof systems, our commercial roofs are designed to enhance comfort, atmosphere, and expand the amount of space in which you can entertain – and relax! 

From restaurants, to hotels, country clubs, commercial buildings, and more, a louvered roof gives you control over the elements – maximizing comfort for your customers, guests, tenants, and employees.



Attract more guests to your outdoor seating areas – a commercial louvered roof maximizes the amount of tables you can seat, regardless of the weather. Guests can enjoy the shade during peak sunlight hours, and stay dry and cozy even if it’s raining outside. A louvered roof provides ambiance any time of day, ensuring that your guests have a wonderful experience.

Hotels and Clubs:

Wherever your guests are lounging, a louvered roof system can be utilized to create an outdoor entertaining area regardless of the weather. Enjoy protection for your equipment and lighting around poolside bar areas and other places where guests congregate. You’ll always have the perfect amount of sunlight thanks to the remote controlled system which can quickly adjust to any environment!

Condos and Commercial Buildings:

Make patios and common spaces the most popular destinations around your property! A louvered roof system enhances entertainment and socializing, and can also be used to provide protection from the elements when traveling between buildings.

See how a commercial louvered roof system can benefit your business, simply with the touch of a button. Ex Design Group can help you design and build a system tailored to your specific needs – contact us to schedule your consultation today!

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